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STEP 1: Refer to the "Virtual SAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide" for guidance on how to build a Virtual SAN Ready Node.

STEP 2: To build a Virtual SAN Ready Node:
Select your Virtual SAN Ready Node of choice based on following certified Ready Nodes.
Ready Node Types:

Ready Node Supported Releases:

Pre-Install Options:ESXi pre-install includes vSphere and Virtual SAN software pre-installed on the Ready Node. vSphere and Virtual SAN license keys required to enable product functionality.
Keyword:We suggest searching by Product Id, Partner, Model, Workload Profile, Virtual SAN Readynode Type and SKU
Ready Node Vendors:

Ready Node Generation:Gen1-6G: Ready Node platforms based on 6G controllers.
Gen2-12G: Ready Node platforms based on 12G controllers.

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Raw Storage Capacity (TB):

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VMware strongly recommends using certified Ready Nodes that are validated to provide predictable performance and scalability for your Virtual SAN deployment.
If you would still like to build your own Virtual SAN with certified components, then click Build Your Own based on Certified Components.
Looking for information on VMware product compatibility by version? See the Product Interoperability Matrix
Looking for help with sizing your environment for Virtual SAN? Start with a Partner-led VSAN Assessment to validate Virtual SAN's benefits for your organization. Go to our VSAN Assessment Tool
Looking for help with sizing your environment for Virtual SAN? Go to our Sizing and TCO calculator
Interested in certifying a new Ready Node that is not listed here or do you have queries about the Virtual SAN certification process? Please email vsan-hcl@vmware.com
Are you a VMware developer? Check out the VMware {code}.