Mandriva Corporate 4 documentation covers information on how to install the operating system in a virtual machine. For additional information about the operating system, refer to the instructions included in the installation media.

Mandriva Corporate 4 documentation includes the following topics:

Installation Instructions

To install Mandriva Corporate 4 Desktop or Server in a virtual machine you can use the standard Mandriva Linux distribution CD or the boot floppy/network method. The following installation instructions are for standard distribution CD.


Before you begin, verify that the following tasks are complete:

  • Read General Installation Instructions for All VMware Products.
  • During the Mandriva Corporate 4 installation, you are offered a choice of XFree86 X servers. You can select either one, but do not run the X server. Instead, to get an accelerated SVGA X server running inside the virtual machine, you should install the VMware Tools package immediately after installing Mandriva Corporate 4.
  • With many Linux guest operating systems, various problems have been observed when the BusLogic virtual SCSI adapter is used with VMware virtual machines. VMware recommends that you use the LSI Logic virtual SCSI adapter with this guest operating system.
  • On a Linux host with an XFree86 3.x X server, it is best not to run a screen saver in the guest operating system. Guest screen savers that demand a lot of processing power can cause the X server on the host to freeze.

Installation Steps

  1. Insert the Mandriva Corporate 4 CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Power on the virtual machine.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  4. Use the text mode installer.
    1. At the opening screen, press F1 for options.
    2. Enter text for text mode.
  5. When you are prompted to partition, unless you have special requirements, select Use free space.
  6. At the Summary screen, select Graphical Interface, and then click Do to configure the graphical interface.
    Make the following selections:
    • The resolution and refresh rate you want your guest to use
    • VMware virtual video card
    • No when asked if you want to install updates to the packages
    • No when asked if you want to start X when you reboot
  7. Install VMware Tools.

VMware Tools in an Mandriva Corporate 4 Guest

For information on VMware Tools, see Knowledge base article 1014294, General VMware Tools installation instructions, at http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1014294.

Knowledge Base Articles for Mandriva Corporate 4

The following link refers to knowledge base articles on operating system specific issues. See VMware Knowledge Base for a list of known issues about the operating system.

VMware Compatibility Guide

The VMware Compatibility Guide Web site lists supported guest and host operating systems and provides related support information.

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